Updated: June 8, 2018

What is an affidavit? In this specific aspect of the Weiner case, an affidavit serves as evidence used in justifying a warrant. The affidavit would have been written and submitted by lawyers representing the U.S. Attorney’s office (i.e. prosecution).

We should expect the unsealed Affidavit will contain some details that were used by the prosecuting attorney to show the judge that a search warrant was justified.  (i.e. this document may shed more light on WHY the government seized Anthony Weiner’s newly discovered electronic devices or what new information they believed these devices contained.)

U.S. attorney’s request to unseal Affidavit for Anthony Weiner laptop search warrant.

Judge’s order granting request to unseal Affidavit.

Updated: May 17, 2018

Judge’s order to unseal Search and Seizure Warrant and its Attachment A, 16 Mag. 6123, which were filed under seal on September 26, 2016, in the Anthony Weiner prosecution. – May 16, 2018

Full document: Anthony Weiner unseal order may 16 2018