Updated: May 11, 2018

Click Here to Visit The Andreas Karas Foundation

On its web site, the Foundation lists its mission(s) as:

“Andreas Karas Foundation has launched www.embracepeace.org to advance peace related initiatives around the world.

– UKRAINE & RUSSIA (initiative launched)
– BUILDING BRIDGES WITH IRAN (initiative in the process to be launched): 
a) Focus is building first links in education and business. Other key policy issues relating to Iran that are under consideration: 
b) How to bring along Iran as a positive factor in helping resolve the Middle East Problem, by putting the seeds for dialog between moderate voices in Iran and moderate voices in Israel. The ongoing friction between Israel and Iran is putting the whole region at risk.
c) How to support a new modus operandi in Arab-Iranian relations, where friendship and cooperation are the core.  Especially given the cultures in the region: it is always easier to convince your friends than your enemies.”

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